BioHawk® 8-Channel Collector/Bioidentifier

BioHawk 8-Channel Collector/Bioidentifier

BioHawk® is a portable 8-channel bioassay system integrated with an aerosol collector. It is suitable for the high-sensitivity monitoring of biological agents, toxins, explosives, and chemical contaminants. Assay results are typically available in 10 to 20 minutes. BioHawk can be programmed to monitor surrounding air for aerosol threats with the built-in air sampler, and to periodically transfer a wet concentrate from the air sampler to the bioidentifier portion.

Bioassays are performed within a small disposable credit card-sized plastic assay coupon which can be used for up to10 assay procedures before being discarded. Since a single assay coupon can handle up to eight different analytes simultaneously, up to 80 individual assays can be performed before discarding or removing the coupon. Assay results are transmitted a through the touch panel LCD display, an audible alarm, a pulsating light, or by Bluetooth wireless or RS-232 link to personnel at a remote location. System operation may also be remotely controlled in real time.

Functions such as air sampling and bioidentification are performed using multi-step recipes developed by Research International and stored in the system's computer memory. Users need only the most fundamental level of training since the internal processes and steps are preset through the built-in computerized recipes. For more advanced users, Windows-based software allows the user to develop their own customized sample collection and detection protocols.


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