Biohawk Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to quantify the BioHawk assay analysis?
Once a virus is detected should I discard the waveguide probe?
Please define "detection", "monitoring", "confirmatory analysis", and "classification".
In a buffer, will salts re-aerosolize at the same rate as in water?
Can BioHawk detect chemicals like Sarin?
What is difference between an array, a coupon and a recipe?
What are the detection parameters for BioHawk?
How do you calculate coupon life cycle? And how do you define the start and an end of a reaction?
Can one coupon hold different classes of target reagents simultaneously?
Is BioHawk able to detect and identify the H1N1 flu virus?
How large an area can BioHawk cover for sampling?
Can we expect extended coupon life over 24 hours after hydration if no bio-assay is done?
If there are flurophore floating in the room during the assay, will it affect the result?
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