RAPTOR: Portable, Multianalyte Bioassay Detection System

RAPTOR Bioassay System

The RAPTOR™ is a rapid, automatic, portable fluorometric 4-channel assay system for monitoring toxins, viruses, bacteria, spores, fungi and other diverse targets. An extremely reliable third-generation product introduced in 2000, users have found these instruments will operate for two years or more with no breakdowns or leaks, and that they will tolerate debris-laden samples such as are produced in mailrooms and food processing facilities - impressive feats for a fully automated wet assay system.

The completely self-contained instrument is the culmination of a careful integration of optics, fluidics, electronics, and software into one compact system for laboratory and field assays. It performs user-defined, multi-step, assay protocols for monitoring fluorescently-labeled chemical reactions occurring on the surface of each of the system's four disposable optical waveguide sensors. Toxins and bacteria such as ricin and B. anthracis have been detected at levels below <1.0 ng/ml and 100 CFU/ml, respectively. Disposable assay coupons for these and many other targets are now being offered for sale (see chart under Resources tab below).


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