Tacbio® biological aerosol detector

TacBio Biological Aerosol Detector TacBio was developed by the U.S. government for military, homeland security, and public health applications. It is a compact and rugged portable biological particle detector that uses both diffractive scattering and natural biological fluorescence to monitor aerosol particulates and classify them as being of either biological or non-biological origin.

TacBio is extremely useful for tracking background levels of airborne non-biological and biological materials and providing an alarm and/or digital activation command to other equipment if there is a rapid increase in the aerosol background. It cannot identify the type of biological material detected, and for that reason it is correctly characterized as an aerosol “trigger.”

Operation may be monitored remotely using Windows-based software provided with the unit, and changes made to its operating characteristics as needed or desired. Signals may be transmitted wirelessly between the TacBio and a monitoring PC or other equipment using BioLink™ Bluetooth transmitters and receivers, or via RS-232 cables.


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