ASAP II for Postal Processing Applications

Automated Biological Threat Detection

ASAP II System ASAP II is an automated biological detection and identification system for mailrooms and similar installations. The system can be configured to meet a customer’s exact threat deterrent needs. The biothreat-oriented component of the system can be set up to detect and identify from four to eight bioagents. Periodically, or on demand, a concentrated wet biosample is transferred to the bio-identification system. In fifteen minutes the system will identify the presence of any of the pre-selected agents, and automatically notify the operator if the mail is clear or if a pathogen has been detected.

These systems are typically used in a negative pressure room equipped with a down draft table and can handle thousands of pieces of mail per hour. An air sampling module in the system continuously samples air drawn into the downdraft table while mail is being jogged or opened over the table’s perforated top surface, providing appropriate samples to the biological identification components. Sampling is a continuous process that goes on until processing of a batch of mail is complete, whether it is a few or several hours.

The cost of consumables in these systems is kept to a minimum by using disposable/reusable bioassay coupons that can be reused many times over a 48-hour period. This system is designed to be operated by genral mailroom personnel and is fully automated, requiring little operator assistance.


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