SASS 2300 Wetted-Wall Air Sampler

SASS 2300 Wetted-Wall Air SamplerIf you are looking for a portable aerosol particle collection system, the SASS 2300 delivers all the performance you need. Extremely long sampling protocols of up to several days are supported and sample fluid volume is maintained constant over the entire collection period, independent of ambient air temperature or relative humidity, providing unsurpassed monitoring capabilities in environments ranging from farmyards to hospitals to battlefields. Best of all, single or multiple units can be controlled wirelessly and users can download their own customized sampling protocols into the units.

The SASS 2300 Air Sampler extracts and transfers airborne pathogens, particulates, bacteria and spores from sampled air to small water volume for analysis. It employs a patented wetted-wall aerosol collection method that has received U.S. Department of Homeland Security Certification under the U.S. Safety Act of 2002.

It has been successfully used to detect the airborne viral pathogens that cause exotic Newcastle disease and hoof-and-mouth disease, as well as strains of avian flu virus in California commercial poultry flocks*.

* Sharon K. Hietala, et al., J. Vet. Diagn. Invest., 17, 198 (2005). Printed with permission of AAVLD.


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