SASS® 4200 Vehicle-Mount Air Concentrator

SASS 4100 Two-Stage Aerosol Collector The SASS 4200 Vehicle-Mount Air Concentrator is a highly efficient, high-volume aerosol concentration device designed for vehicular applications. A blower-driven concentration device inside the unit pulls air in at a rate of about 3600 LPM (forward vehicle motion is not necessary for proper operation). Particulates in the sampled air are transferred to a low flow-rate secondary loop that can be routed to a location inside the vehicle. The unit is compatible with a wide variety of small portable samplers or bioanalyzers such as the SASS 2300, SASS 3100, or BioHawk.

The secondary airflow containing the aerosol concentrate may range from about 1% to 10% of the primary flow. Operation at low secondary flows creates very high aerosol concentrations, while operation at higher secondary flow rates maximizes the total number of particulates captured.

View a short video showing how the SASS 4200 holds up to extreme water exposure.


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