BioLink Bluetooth Wireless Communication

If you own any of the Research International family of air samplers or chemical and biological sensing instruments you know their value in providing fast and reliable data, both in the lab and in the field. Now you can eliminate all physical cabling in multi-instrument installations by using Bluetooth BioLink RF Data Radio technology.

The Bluetooth BioLink device draws all of its operating power from the RS-232 data interface on Research International Samplers and Detection Instruments and has all radio functions built-in. The Bluetooth BioLink connected to the PC can be powered from any USB port directly, or via a supplied USB cable if an RS-232 connector-equipped BioLink model is used at the PC.

Each device has a pairing button and LED that provides a quick and easy method for establishing a trusted device Bluetooth connection without the need for a PC. A four position dip switch sets the baud rate and enables or disables hardware handshaking. In a few minutes the wireless connection setup is complete.

A particularly attractive aspect is that each RF node is assigned a unique Bluetooth address,allowing a Bluetooth BioLink Base Station (available from Research International) to communicate discretely with different system nodes. For a BW application, these nodes might include a dry biotrigger; a wet air sampler; and a bioidentifier. The Bluetooth BioLink Base Stations are network enabled so they can be either connected to a host PC with an ethernet cable or connected directly to the internet.